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Sasmar Pharmaceuticals
Er werd een Innovation Product Manager gevraagd...1 april 2021

Avez-vous un bon niveau d'anglais

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Oui, nous venons de parler 1heure ensemble en anglais, je pense que cela prouve que j'ai un bon niveau??? Minder


Questions classiques pour étudier la personnalité et le niveau de compétence par rapport au poste. Pas de piege particulier tant que l'on se prepare bien ses réponses apres avoir bien compris le poste.

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Se préparer après avoir bien compris le poste lors du premier entretien. Je n'ai pas été rappelé a l'issu du deuxième entretien même pour me notifier que je n'avais pas été pris, ce que je trouve très peu professionnel pour un entreprise de chasseur de tete. Minder


Tell me about yourself Describe what you think the role would be like.

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Some odd is going on with this company, potential employees beware.


Experience, How do I see the market and customers, How do I see growth strategy in this market, Expectations to salesforce

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Baseline answers were same, but depending on whom role I was answering to, I added complement to get better understanding. Minder

Consumer Reports

What experience do you have with white space product development?

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I had prepared a case study of a similar business challenge and brought examples of previous work. Minder

Procter & Gamble

What would you do if you know your team is going to approve something you know is completely wrong that will have negative repercussions. 

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I would gather as much evidence to support it as I could and ask to meet asap with the relevant person in charge of this decision while letting my direct manager know (if not the same person). I will then offer the hard facts, the expected impact and my recommendation. Minder

Anheuser-Busch InBev

Why would we not hire you?

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What value of ours do you disagree with?

CIC (Cambridge)

What do you know about Roxbury?

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Tell me about yourself.


Comment avez-vous connu Niji ?

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Par le biais d’un ancien collaborateur ayant rejoins Niji.

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