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Er werd een Director of Software Development gevraagd...8 mei 2023

Management skills, examples for failures, examples for success, technical review of the domain

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by experience

Diligent Robotics

How would an automated coffee robot operate?

redPanda Software

How would you check teams health using jira

MicroLogic Associates

Tell me about your experience.


Ever had a conversation so no questions to add here.


What is your favorite metric?


What’s the biggest thing you’ve worked on?

Neo Financial

I asked technical questions regarding developer practices in hiring, development environments and approach, technology decisions, and involvement of the role in this given discussion on technology decision answer

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Shared standard answers in environments and practices, supported making decisions closest to the source which was great. Minder

Neo Financial

Questions I was asked focused on leadership experiences, leadership abilities, and handling difficult situations.

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Shared development team leadership, motivational and engagement philosophies, and experience with challenging/ toxic employees Minder


System design rounds explain a system you worked on. Design for a new set of requirements. Tell me about a situation series of 20+ questions.

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