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Er werd een Senior Document Control Manager gevraagd...26 januari 2016

they asked for all the previous company status and experience.

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explained about the job and experience I worked with all the previous companies. and it was all international companies Minder

Hill International

I do not remember anything specific. Just about my background and ability to preform the job I would be working.

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Yes and explained my background and capabilities.

Halyard Health

How do you take criticism?

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I use criticism as an improve oportunity

Verve Therapeutics

Mostly questions regarding my experience. Everyone was nice but, I felt uncomfortable interviewing with the VP, he seemed to be questioning my answers, but, was writing them down. I would not have been comfortable working with him.

AFCONS Infrastructure

How soon you could join? within 15 days!

Hyundai Engineering and Construction

What are your skills and tell us about you ??

Plastic Logic

Toughest challenge in past work.

Access Sciences

Describe a difficult situation and what you did to mitigate.


Describe how you work in a team


What is your experience with managing a QMS? How did you implement a DMS?

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