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Punj Lloyd
Er werd een Document Control Specialist gevraagd...24 januari 2020

What is the reason for change

3 antwoorden

For better opportunity

Due to settle in india

Due to settle in india

Data Federal

I was asked if I went to go and see a Cleveland Indians game yet.

2 antwoorden

I said no because I was focused on the interview and knowing more about the company and the job duties. I'm not from Cleveland. Minder

Data Federal are not from Cleveland either.


they asked for all the previous company status and experience.

2 antwoorden


explained about the job and experience I worked with all the previous companies. and it was all international companies Minder

GE HealthCare

"What is your weakness?"

1 antwoorden

I love this question. Do you really believe people answer it honestly? I mean really? If I felt I had a weakness I would do something to correct it. Doesn't mean I don't have any, just that I don't have any I've been made aware of. Oh wait, maybe it's my honesty. Minder


Are you familiar with micros?

1 antwoorden

Yes I am

Edge Tech Corp

where do you see yourself in 5 years?

1 antwoorden

working and enjoying a great career, but i was thinking out of this dump

Graphic Packaging International

How do you feel you will fit into this position?

1 antwoorden

I know some about how this company operates and have been around engineers for many years. I am a quick learner and have had no problems working with anyone and I know most of the people in this department. Minder

Biohorizons Implant Systems

What I did as a document control clerk at a previous position

1 antwoorden

I detailed my main role as well as my daily tasks, along with specific projects.

Acceleron Pharma

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

1 antwoorden

Some suggestions for strengths could be : 1- Personality 2-Detail oriented 3-Organized 4-Hard working 5-Patient 6-Friendly 7-Decition making If you are going to mention ( because you have to) some weaknesses be sure to mention the ones that wont affect your possibilities to be hire. Some suggestions could be: 1- I am a nervous person 2-I am fear to heights. 3- Do not trust people Do not say " I have a bad temper", "I am not responsible", "I hate people" ( even if you have good reasons ), Do not mention religion, political or gender matters since those are very delicate subjects. Minder


what is my main job and responsibility?

1 antwoorden

to ensure all documentation up to date, filing all docs, maintain the system of docs, etc Minder

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