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The Darwish Bin Ahmed & Sons group of Companies
Er werd een Document Controller gevraagd...10 augustus 2018

What are your qualifications and what are your skills and experience?

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Respected sir Mohammed salim muneer ali having experience gcc 12 years jenral foreman like infrastructure architecture design land survey survey Autocad I can speak English arbic hindi urdu if having job chance 0501375473 uae Minder

Good evening… my qualification is masters with finance specialization and currently working in Index Exchange since last 2 years. Minder

I explain about my education skills and experience.

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Palm Hills Developments

My job tasks in details as a document controller.

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A document controller is responsible for the timely, accurate and efficient preparation and management of documents Minder

I answered all the questions honestly and clearly.

Larsen & Toubro

What was your experiences ?

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I did this type of work before . Etc.



The most unexpected question was when I was asked about where I would want to be and where I would see myself in 5 years time.

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I had answered that I wanted to be in a management position

Rowan Companies

The most difficult question of the interview I faced was probably the first: "Please introduce yourself." It's not a question I've often been asked in job interviews. While I got to present myself, it's also a very open-ended question that can trap you if you say too much, or say the wrong things.

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I started out by introducing myself personally, then branched out to my career history. I kept my answer succinct to avoid talking on and on. I focused on the highest points of my career and talked about some of the recognition I have received for my professional work. Minder


numbers of years of experience , what qualification you have , what value you can add to the job

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I have 6 year experience in Document Controller, i graduated Bachelor of Science & Computer Science. for me i thinks You'll never know the quality of my job until you see it in your eyes sir. Minder

They asked me about my family and my experience

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I answered honestly about what they asked

Government of Karnataka, India

what is document contrlling, how you maitain the documents,how to give file numbers,

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i am responsible for maintainance and controlling of all documents,and tracking of documents issues, receipts i will maintain the documents subjectwise and senioritywise,i will give the file number by giving 3 digits of the subjects Minder

NBTC Group

How much my expected salary?

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I’ve answered as my expectation $1,400.

JRL Group

What I used to do in my previous job and if I am willing to work extra jours.

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I said yes.

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