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JD Young
Er werd een Document Imaging Specialist gevraagd...21 november 2022

Are you ok with working in an office setting?

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I responded yes

The Oregon Clinic

Tell me about yourself, how do you deal with change, management style

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I am well organized, attention to details, able to tackle and adapt to changes with positive energy and rapport results. I enjoyed working with people. I have many years of experience in customer care/support, time management, records keeping while creating new data with accuracy, ability to take on new tasks using my prioritizing and time management skills to delicate my workloads and meet with deadlines in a timely and professional manner at all time. Minder

Boston Children's Hospital

She actually paused after reviewing my resume and when I tried to move forward, she just tried to look for faults in my resume. It was an unenthusiastic waste of valuable time.

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I just did my best to remain calm and professional knowing I was dealing with someone who of course had very little knowledge of H.I.M. They sent someone who didn't know what they were doing to recruit at the risk of building a team of superstars. Talk about politics! Was told at the end I would get a call back if interested. Of course no call back was made if she took bad notes and didn't pay attention. Minder

Hills Bank & Trust Co.

What is your ideal job and why?

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I told them that my ideal job was in research or focused on information gathering. I enjoy learning, reading, writing, gathering information that I can apply to solve problems and assist others. Minder

Lancaster General Health

How do you prioritize your work?

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I prioritize my work so that I can keep track of due dates and stay organized. I set my own time of completion 24 hours before the due date, and work systematically. I do urgent matters immediately. I revise schedules if necessary, but I meet the performance standards every time.' Minder


Tell us what you do in your Department activities, so "we" can create a new job description for your new position.

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In great detail, because "they" [HR] needed to know all my job activities, it was lengthy and unavoidable, To run an In-house Print Center you need many pieces of equipment, all under Xerox Contract agreements, 100% reliable email services, multiple working computers for email and job construction needs, work tables to process and assemble or "Cut" documentation, far too mush to list here. Minder

University HealthCare Alliance

How did you show creativeness @ recent work

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Interest in creating lots of brand new documents for the agency and department.

Stillwater National Bank

What did you do when you made someone mad at your previous job?

Ciox Health

Are you a very accurate person and can pay attention to detail in paperwork?


What are your salary requirements?

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