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Acuity Brands
Er werd een Product Documentation Manager gevraagd...16 juni 2022

I was asked how I would say change a company logo on 1000 documents.

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I said I haven't used them, but since everything is XML based, I'm sure publishing tools exist to do this. There are plenty of large corporations who need to do this where one person wouldn't be expected to manually make this many changes. They replied that these tools do exist, but they don't have them. They then started to probe about my (limited) software background. Uhh...this is a Technical Writer/Documentation Manager position. Do you also expect me to write scripts and develop software? Give me 2 paychecks then, or provide the tools needed to perform the job. Minder


How would you handle an unmotivated subordinate?

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Work with them to find the cause of the ennui - boredom, need a change of "scenery", a problematic SME, a lack of needed skills and a reluctance to admit it, or something else, and then address the identified problems. If there's no actionable "reason" for the lack of motivation, ask them if they think they need to change careers, need mentoring, or how they would appreciate encouragement. Check in weekly with this person and if nothing budges in two to four weeks, consider formal performance improvement coaching. Minder


Without any prior warning, the second technical writer to interview me attempted to give me a test of my technical knowledge. The first question asked was related to programming. I am not a programmer, and never claimed to be. The "surprise quiz", on matters that are really not relevant to the MANAGEMENT of a documentation group, felt hostile.

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The test was totally out of left-field. Writing about programming is not the same as programming; managing people who write about programming requires MANAGEMENT chops, and a knowledge of the programming process -- not expertise in coding per se! Minder


Questions were just the average interview questions.

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My answers were based on my work experience and interviewing experience.

Illinois Tollway

A long question about writing ability that requested an example. Why not just ask to bring in a sample.


I was asked about problem solving scenarios and how I work with cross-functional leaders.


One of the interviewers told me: I don't understand why you are here, in my view we need someone with different skills.

U.S. Bank

Nothing caught me off guard, it was mostly them showing me everything that was wrong and asking my opinion on fixing it. More of a conversation than an interview.


Asked for a prepared presentation based on a provided exercise description.


What do you know about Appsflyer?

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