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Er werd een Documentation Staff gevraagd...27 oktober 2015

What do you know about Sankyu?

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Sankyu in the best company for employee responsiblity not only engineer , supervisor forman, they are give good responsibility all technician , also they need good housekeeping inside and outside company . All are equals this is Sankyu Minder

Yes, iam working in sankyu Saudi Arabia,

Mediterranean Shipping Company

Favorite Place.

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Did the person interview looked and acted less intelligent?

RPG Group

what are your expectation from the organisation or from your work?

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update my knowledge , execute my knowledge & having financial and career growth in the organisation. Minder

I reach the highest level of organisation with my hard work , my knowledge and efforts. Minder

Evergreen Shipping

How would handle a difficult customer

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I will talk to them calmly and i will explain everything they need to know about their complaint. Minder

Everlasting Capital

What can we do to get you on board with our company?

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I would consider the position if they would give me an opportunity to try sales when I didn't have agreements to process. Minder

Raychem RPG

Basics of transducer

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he asked what is the range for the pressure in piezoelectric transducers?


What are your thoughts on the writing style ans structure of a technical document ?

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Please can you tell some more interview questions that were asked.


Compétence sur ma gestion gestion du stress et pression

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Queensland Health

What are some other used for a piece of paper, pen, and belt?

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Paper: to level a table Pen: to tie up hair Belt: To lock a box closed

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