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Er werd een Dot NET Developer gevraagd...24 maart 2018

I don't remember the exact questions, but here are few string which may help you. And you passed the first round please please do share the questions. And one list request if are going to interview in any company plz share the questions. 1) Predictable delegates use as 2)global assemble cache can maintain, option a> 2 assembly with same name, version. b> same name, diff version c> maintain only one, d> 3) which not html5 attr/ properties id, name, accesskey, class,.. 4) html tag sequence <i> <u><b> 5)html not work with empty ... action, class, form,...(dont remember the exact question) 6)Conversion type cast related question. 7) if we implement interface class do we need to convert the implemented class to interface class... 8)in page completely load on which event. 9) sql cursor, a> is it slow down the process b> is it not use full, c>... 10)because of sql indexing a>table update work fast b> update work slow c> not effect. d>... 11)generic is import to use which functionality 12)in class when properties variable define.. you need 18 correct answer to clear the round. You can just go through these topic and it may help you.

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Please Share the interview questions.

Q.which not html5 attrribute =---- properties id, name, accesskey, class,.. A: name Minder assemble cache can maintain, option a&gt; 2 assembly with same name, version. b&gt; same name, diff version c&gt; maintain only one, d&gt; A: assembly with same name, version. Minder

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TSS Consultancy

Collection Generics List vs dictionary Class with get set property..write method to retrieve data from them with list Identity column Cluster and non cluster index Group by vs having SQL query Top 5 salary from different 10 departments Repeated word in string Replace repeated word Pseudo code for Hospital and doctor working

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Create update delete operations

What are Crud operations??

What do you mean by Pseudo code for Hospital and doctor working?

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Q1. Present ages of Sameer and Anand are in the ratio of 5 : 4 respectively. Three years hence, the ratio of their ages will become 11 : 9 respectively. What is Anand's present age in years?

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Anand age = 54

Anand's age = 24, and Sameer's age = 30

CDN Software Solutions

How will you find the distance between two point if ordinates are given.

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Using Pythagoras theorem.

Euclidean principle

Datamatics Global Services

First two technical round was really worth full and good. but in 3rd round I have doubt on psychological doubt on interviewer. In order to twist question, they twisted me to understand their question. They are not enough prepared how to twist technical question. Having a doubt on interview is good, BUT Interviewer should good communicator to ask twisted question. otherwise interviewee will get misunderstood and rejected.

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Absolutely Ri8.. Same Thing was Happen with Me.. 1st They Will Tell U To come In Headoffice In andheri And Then For 2nd interview was happen in Sipz(Andheri).. Minder

I did my best. I am proud to be a good developer.

Plintron Global Technology Solutions

The Only question ever asked in that interview is to write code to swap two variables without third variable

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int main() { int x = 10, y = 5; // Code to swap 'x' and 'y' x = x + y; // x now becomes 15 y = x - y; // y becomes 10 x = x - y; // x becomes 5 printf("After Swapping: x = %d, y = %d", x, y); return 0; } Minder

well known question I think

Rheal Software

when u will for denormalization

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when normalized data is not good normalized

What questions they ask in test and interview??

GreySoft Solutions

1.tell about ur projects 2.all about oops concepts 3.multithreading,overriding,interface .

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That's sad

almost all correct and even i cleared machine test,hr asked about when can you join discusd abt salary but dont know wat was the matter they where goin to call and after that no response ,i called them back and they told our vaccany is full .thats it how they wasted it Minder

ENuke Software

They took five technical interview rounds and one written coding round.

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I cleared all the rounds and they mental guys were not even took to inform me about my status ... Wasted my 6 hrs and when I called many times then they said end client didn't like my profile ... Are you a consultancy? .... The worst ever seen company. Minder

family back ground and helath related questions, about dreams and visons

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be truth full

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