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APCER Life Sciences
Er werd een Senior Drug Safety Associate gevraagd...4 juni 2017

Very specific to PV.

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The offer was received the next day after interview. It never came from a Company only from recruiting company. The company never contacted the candidates directly. The consultancy was negotiating salary with me and was offering me lesser than what was agreed upon in the technical round with the interviewer. The consultancy (Career Genesis) took all my documents and never responded back, they said that they will get back to me but ts been 3 weeks now no response from them. APCER never bothered to contact the candidates directly in these whole process. That shows the company HR policy and commitments. Pathetic Experience, was hope full to work with this organization but may be they are not willing to . An Advice to Management: Stop boasting that you have 600-700 people working in PV and if so many people work with you have a concrete HR policy and recruit directly rather then using some lame consultancy services. Minder

It’s a THIRD CLASS company.... I would recommend not to join this company if you love self respect.... Minder


medical questions..... various commonly used drugs and its effects related.....about parexel and my expectations from the job

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how about the interview for imaging research associate

green stick fractures is the question i wasnt able to answer....i dint refuse straight away but just gave a guess and then said that i wasnt sure about it,. Minder


All where stupid simple questions

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It was ok but she expected some other answers

if u are werking while u re on drugs, the thing u should be done could be wrong & singapore its is illegal for comsumption & posession of drug. Minder

IT Convergence

tell me about yourself?

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i said aboout my family and educational qualification

what are the questions about pharmacovigilance like?


Are you ready to work?

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reason for leaving previous organization. when asked answer honestly. most important thing we check is the attitude of the candidate.

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be honest with the interviewer, it gives a better chance of getting job.

do they ask questions about pharmacovigilance and what are they like?

Pv , ADR , ADE , clinical trials , who casuality assessment scale

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Answered fair enough

Acorda Therapeutics

Tell me about your prior experience in safety.

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Walked them through my roles and responsibilities at my old job


Drugs and impact on Soc of the current role

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.. .


About pharmacovigilance and its types

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I answered the answers i am familiar with

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