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How would you deal with pressure from various teams to give their work the priority?

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Always refer to the data metrics. Things like conversion rates, bounce rates, page views, number of bookings. The highest priority stuff is always the work that will have the biggest effect on conversion rates. It's also important to take into consideration the effect on other teams. If a change in copy results in more questions and calls for customer services it will have a negative impact.

How would you enhance customer journey?

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Sales vision and approach

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Hoe begeleidt Coolblue de klant naar de beste aankoop? Uit een assortiment van duizenden laptops, welke kiest Coolblue die ze aanbieden?

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Mostly relevant to job itself if i am able to do it and what i have done in my previous jobs. Nothing unusual.

Self introduction, why chose this company, how to handle stress

Why did you choose to study economics, especially the major "International Business"?

- Tell me about yourself - What are your strengths and weaknesses - Any relevant experience?

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