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Er werd een Electronics Design Engineer gevraagd...5 juni 2012

technical written exam

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op-amps numericals about resistances,flipflops waveform

Hello, I have an Interview with P+F next week. I am not sure about the technical test part. Can you give me more information about it. What sort of questions and how many of them? Are they basic questions or are they deeply focussed? Minder

hi Anish.. first of all gud luck wid your interview. actually for me the written technical interview had around 10 questions from the topics dat i have listed above. it was not dat much deeply focussed but some basic and intermediate level questions. for the interview i will say dat you should revise thoroughly through the above topics.. nd aftr i completed answering questions they discussed the answers wid me in a casual way so i tink dey give you a second chance to impress them. ur interview may differ from mine as i gave d interview at oldham,unitedkingdom...if u r giving it from some other place it might differ..nywys gud luck again.. Minder

Sedemac Mechatronics

Interface MCU with load having ratings of 12V 50A.

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Interface with the help of power transistor.

Relay with optocoupler can be used..

What software do you use for PCB designing?

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Orcad 9.1 and ultiboard


None. My Phone interview was pretty straight forward. In the end, it was complete waste of my time.It is one of those companies whom I thought were unprofessional and not completely honest during the interview process. On site interview was twice postponed by the HR citing difficulty in scheduling. If you are not interested, then just let the candidate/s know rather than wasting their time. This interview was a great disappointment. I have NEVER experience a company that has such a poor process

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Unprofessional and dishonest

Facts Engineering

What are the fundamentals of an op-amp

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I don't know/remember, but I can find out quickly.

about sales and purchase department?

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At that time i m the fresher so this is for me difficult question, but now easy for me as per my work experience. Minder

Sedemac Mechatronics

Design the circuit to clamp down the AC signal from 5V p-p at 0 reference to the 5v p-p at 10V reference.

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Draw clamper cicuit

Princeton Power Systems

Know what you want to do (technically speaking). Refrain from disclosing proprietary info from your former employer

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it'll look bad, but it's illegal anyways.

Primerail Infralabs

What is low pass filter? What is the operating frequency of LPF

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Discuss your internship project in detail? How did you determine parts selection?

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Project requirements, environmental requirements, operation, vendor

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