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Pearson Anderson
Er werd een Enrollment Advisor gevraagd...2 december 2022

Tell me about a time your integrity was questioned.

American Income Life

Why do you want to work here?


What have you learned so far about the Enrollment Counselor position?

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I don't feel in the interview process those facilitating were actually interested in knowing your skill set. The above question is very superficial and does not convey skill set. Seemed like more of a trick question. The only information they conveyed was a reiteration of the job description itself and they did not provide new information. Minder


What is your passion and your greatest achievement

Academic Partnerships

Why are you considering to leave your current role? What is your weakness? Let’s role play how you would ask your learner to start an application ?

CCS Medical

What’s your strength and weaknesses?

Registry for College and University Presidents

What experience do you have that would fit with this role?

HUB International

If you were in a theatre, would you want to work backstage or on stage?


What is important to you in the workplace?

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It is very important to me that I am working at a place I am able to grow. I don't want to stay in the same job role for years, I am ambitious, and I want to work my way to the top. Minder

Vertex Education

Do you work better in a team environment or independently?

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