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Impera Marketing
Er werd een Marketing/Advertising Coordinator Entry Level gevraagd...29 juni 2016

She brought me aside and asked me one question after explaining the entire job to me. She asked me why she should hire me over the 2 other people interviewing for the job.

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I told her that to be frank your job posting was very misleading and different than the job you are pitching to me today. I am not interesting and thank you for your time. So much of the job was omitted from the posting. Minder

What type of job are you looking for?

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Hi, I am very sorry about your experience. We are a professional company that has been around for over 30 years, and work with fortune 500 companies. I do apologize that you were offended by Fox 13 Wendy show, we try to keep major News outlet channels on. Best of luck on your job search, if you would have stayed and gone out for your third round and both parties were interested you could have definitely landed yourself a great career. Best of luck to you . Minder

One that makes me happy.

SD Events & Promotions

If you were in a room of 300 people, how would you stand out?

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Have you ever been in a leadership position in a job?

Sports Inc. 2000

How much time and effort are you willing to put in while working at Inc 2000.

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Sports Inc. 2000

With the proper training, do you believe you can be a competent employer at our company.

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I can if you prove you are legitimate.

Advance Enterprise

What position did you apply for?

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Why don't you tell me? (I had applied for more than just ONE).


Can you tell me the difference between direct and indirect marketing?

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Of course! Direct is face to face with your target market. Indirect is not face to face but more like the junk mail we all receive. Minder

Elle Communications

What is the difference between direct and in-direct marketing?

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Direct sales - Smile and a handshake (personal) In-direct sales - tv, radio, internet Minder

Project 30

Do you think we should have started this process with a phone call? Just kidding, they didn't ask that.

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Prestige Diamond Management

Why do you want to work for this company?

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Seeking full time employment in a field where I can excel.

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