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Er werd een Entry Level Position gevraagd...19 mei 2014

What happens if you connect inductors after the supplies(VDD,VSS) to an inverter.What happens if I give -2V at the output of the inverter- with L and without L. The interviewer was very rude in the way he asked the questions and talked to me, from which I felt that I did not like their work culture/people- as a college graduate, we expect people/seniors to be patient or supportive rather than harsh. Overall, I don't recommend this.

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Since the output depends on the current flow from either the VDD or VSS, the inductor will impede the current flow and disrupt the inverter. Minder

For input goes from high to low, L resists current flow, makes supply droop, hence makes inv slower. For an ideal input step from high to low, initially L gets all VDD, then it integrates it and generates currents, slowly makes source voltage of pmos back to VDD. Same thing for nmos side. Minder

I told that inductor will raise the VDD to a little higher level(and we observe a small bump at the output) and also mentioned that inductor will help in filtering all AC at the supply-giving a clean DC. Minder

Empyrean Solar

Questions are pretty straight forward. They want to know if you are the right fit for this job. One of the questions was asked: how do you deal with rejections?

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Because you start with Sales, they need to know if you can handle it.

Leola Marketing

Short term and long term goals

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short term: find a new place and long term: create a good future for myself as a CMO. Minder

5 North

If we offered you a position would you accept?

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My answer was no and then they said what about in a different department? i reiterated that I had no respect for this sham of a business. Minder

Sports Inc. 2000

How much time and effort are you willing to put in while working at Inc 2000.

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Sports Inc. 2000

With the proper training, do you believe you can be a competent employer at our company.

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I can if you prove you are legitimate.

Gerdau Specialty Steel

Do you have industrial experience and 18 months consecutive work

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Of Course

LTG Marketing & Development

What do you see yourself in 5 years?

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I saw myself in a management position

Exposure Events

What is the difference between direct and indirect marketing?

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I didn't have any previous marketing experience and did not have an answer.

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