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Er werd een Senior Epic Application Analyst gevraagd...1 april 2023

What’s the most complex epic build project you’ve done? How would you rate yourself in these 10 areas of epic configuration? How have you adjusted or modulated your working style with different clients? Tell us about a time where you had to lean on your team to solve a complex problem.


What experiences do you have that would make you successful in this role?

SSM Health

How have you dealt with conflict between you and a high influence stakeholder?

Cook Children's Health Care System

What type of managing style do you prefer?


Tell me about yourself. What experience do you have working in the specified application? Provide examples. Why do you want want to leave your current employer?

Montefiore Medical

Behavioral questions, Experience related, insights into Role and company

Bluetree Network

What is your dream job?

Bluetree Network

What is your MyChart build experience?

UW Medicine

How would your ideal manager be like?

1 antwoorden

Someone who would advocate for their employees/team members, understand, respectful, give employees positive constructive criticism. Minder

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