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Er werd een ETL Solutions Developer gevraagd...29 mei 2015

Writing a query to find the average and the first three ranks only should come In the output

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select avg(salary) from (select name, salary,rank() over(order by salary desc) as rank from emp_tbl) where rank <= 3; Minder

Could you please provide some more questions from your interview?

Select empid,avg(salary) from (sel empid, salary, row-number() over(order by salary desc) as rank from emp) A Where A. Rank <=3 Group by empid; Minder


How have you worked with Delta processing?

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Hash Keys... etc

I think it's mostly related to Dimension table processing. SCD type 1,2. Similar to CHANGE DATA CAPTURE (CDC) Minder

Why should i hire you?

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I am looking for a good platform to improve my technical, intellectual and leadership skills where your organization is well known for it. If given an opportunity, I will work sincerely and will put all my efforts for the growth of the company. Minder

fu$k off

Habitat for Humanity

What makes a good ETL design?

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Good reject processing and logging; easy to maintain.

Gunther Douglas

Describe my experience with ETL and Accounting Procedures.

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I mentioned some accounting systems that I designed, coded and implemented. Also I spoke at length about a project where I wrote and administered a large ETL project that I headed. We added clients and modified our process to accommodate client and supplier requirements. And we moved a lot of data each night. Minder

Legends Incorporated

About yourself your dreams and goals.

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Inbox Business Technologies

About database and sql

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I give him answer relevant to topic


It tool almost one week to complete the interview process and it was good experience. The salary negotiation was excellent. They give deserving salary to fresher.

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All the questions were scenario based.. and good use of common sense is required. Minder

HTC Global Services

Overall experience and previous project details

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Explained my project details that worked on


How to implement scd2 using informatica tool?

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Create the source and dimension tables in the database. Open the mapping designer tool, source analyzer and either create or import the source definition. Go to the Warehouse designer or Target designer and import the target definition. Go to the mapping designer tab and create new mapping. Minder

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