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Marriott International
Er werd een Event Concierge gevraagd...11 januari 2016

Why should we hire you?

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I made sure they understood that I had been studying this in college, and I was passionate about this specific part of hospitality. I gave specific details stating how my experience would make me a perfect fit for the job. Minder

Charm City Concierge

What is your weakness?

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My biggest flaw or weakness is one and the same as my biggest strength. That would be my inability to say no, i will always do the extra work, go the extra mile, find a way to get something done, because I cannot give up or accept the word No Minder

White Lodging

What makes you fit for the job.

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I am persistent with any work that I do. I like to follow up and make sure the job is done to the best of my ability. Minder

Encore Global

How would you deal with upset customer?

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I would understand why they were upset, see what i could take care of personally to help them, and if needed talk to management so management could work with them too. Minder

Marriott International

I was asked if I would be willing to work long hours. My answer was yes; because I had worked for a sports arena for many hours and I am a dedicated hard worker.

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Why do you enjoy hospitality/hotels?

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What are your workplace environment weaknesses?

City Electric Supply

Can you see yourself in this position

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Charm City Concierge

Tell me about how you have solved a problem creatively.

Marriott International

Describe dealing with a tough situation, and explain how you handled it

Marriott International

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