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Er werd een Executive Assistant to Chief Executive Officer and Office Administrator gevraagd...7 april 2015

Do i like to read?

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Yes, i enjoy detective series mysteries.

I enjoy reading material pertaining to anything and everything that will give me knowledge and new insight in the professional area and also for personal growth. Minder

Par Electrical Contractors

Can I balance a high stressed work environment and role being that I was a single mother.

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That was an illegal question they asked if it is about your parental, marital, or health status. Minder

As long as the company allowed my son to come first in my priorities, I would be able to balance and maintain work and personal life. Minder

Bon Secours

You look very young?

2 antwoorden

Age biased...

Quasi-legal, could be fishing for all sorts of answers to questions to questions they can't legally ask. Also age-biased. Not promising for future. Minder

The Howard Hughes Corporation

How did you hear about the position?

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I was asked this question multiple times and each time my response was repeated back to me incorrectly. I was eventually told they thought I was lying about how I found out about the position. Very insulting. Not a good working environment in the CEO's office. Minder

Not a good environment in any department.

Rain the Growth Agency

Are you interested in this kind of job with these kinds of extreme demands/expectations?

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You have to remember that you're dealing with an advertising agency. This is a narcissistic environment and there isn't a soul in the company that would hesitate to talk about themselves. Act interested in the narcissist, ask them questions, make them excited about themselves and you'll have a better chance at them liking you. If you can't be the giver in the conversation, forget it, you're lost on them. Minder

If you are able to commit to long hours,stressful working conditions and very little work-life balance, then act very excited during the phone interview and show no hesitations when asked how you would like to work under those conditions. Pack in as much information as you can about yourself, into a 2 minute statement, as that is what they will base their opinion on as to whether or not they want to meet with you in person. Minder

Bon Secours

How did you end up in USA?

2 antwoorden

No comments....

Questionably legal. Sounds worded to ask an illegal hiring question in a quasi legal way. Wouldn't feel good about working for this company. Not an answer-- would decline to comment and decline job. Minder

XYZ (Turkey)

Where do you live?

2 antwoorden

I gave the city and their response is that I lived too far away.


Chambers and Partners

can you swear like a trooper in your midlands accent?

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i didnt answer this.

What a ridiculous question! Couldn't he realise how irrelevant it is to the job? As for him claiming he hired only those who interest him, that is silly. Anyone who happens to interest him isn't necessarily able to do the job. There are plenty of such people out there, so that is foolish, subjective criteria. If I encountered such a person so apparently disinterested in hiring the best talent, I would have threatened to walk out the door. Minder

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