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Cadillac Fairview
Er werd een Facilities Administrator gevraagd...30 augustus 2018

Tell me about a time when you went above and beyond to complete a task.

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It was a long 12 hour month end mandatory shift. You were done but a couple of your team mates were behind. You could have easily left because overtime was not being paid past the extra 4 hours but you asked, "do you need help" and stayed so your co worker could meet her deadline. Minder



What interaction do you dislike in your day-to-day operations?

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Haggling with IT to get tech systems running again.


What is one of your weaknesses?

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Profectionist to a fault. I've since learned where to invest my time and energy and how to identify opportunities for growth. Minder


What are my goals while in this position?

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To ensure that the achievements exceed the performance criteria set for this position. Minder


previous experience, communication, admin experience

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honestly accordingly to my CV


What do you know about kidney care?

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Be prepared to detail what DaVita does

Allen Ford

Tell us about yourself?

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I proceeded to answer and one of the interviewers was more interested in what was happening in the window behind me. Minder

DXL Big & Tall

Why do you think you are a good fit for this position?

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I am a hard working, smart individual who pays attention to detail and that's why I love my career maintaining and repairing sensitive pharmaceutical equipment. I thrive in an environment that is always challenging my skill set. Minder

Birmingham Community Healthcare

Tell me (them) about yourself


-Tell me about yourself (worst question ever btw) - why do you want to leave your current company -is this something youd want to do? Obviously, ive had 3 interviews about it

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