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South Lanarkshire Council
Er werd een Facilities Assistant gevraagd...18 juni 2018

Describe a time you worked as part of a team

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I spoke of previous experience and used STAR to answer

Infinite Computer Solutions

Tell me about yourself ? How much salary do you expect ? Can you work under pressure?

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I have Over 10 years of experience in Administration and Facilities . A thorough professional with focus on dedication, accuracy and key abilities to deliver quality work. I have the ability to milt-task and lead a team across different divisions of Administration. Smart in analyzing and planning abilities / Demonstrated ability to work efficiently complete multiple task assignments / Adept at proactive problem-solving and follow through / proven ability to interact effectively with clients and staff at all levels / Excellent organizational skills, accuracy and attention to detail. Work responsibilities (Being in charge of Admin facilities): Looking after complete administration work - creating reports, buy order, dealing with vendors, organization management of the office areas, canteen supervision, safety and fire defense system supervision, formulating arrangements for meetings and parties, local buys such as minor items & electronic devices. 1. Ensuring that all health and safety policies and observed. 2. Huge ability to answer all queries from clients, vendors and employees. 3. Exceptional skills to work for long hours. 4. Supervised working of administrative and ensured documentation of all system procedures. 5. Performed audit on all invoices and verified it. 6. Monitored and controlled all department activities. 7. Maintained effective relationships with employees. 8. Scheduled and maintained all activities and made required travel arrangements. 9. Maintained all confidential records. 10. Prepared presentations and reports for management. 11. Coordinated with other departments if there is any concern. 12. Recording office expenditure and managing its budget. 13. Planning, organizing and controlling the entire office administration. 14. Developing budgets and implementing them accordingly. 15. Maintaining office equipment & arranging any repairs or replacements. Ordering stationery & Housekeeping materials, Tea and Coffee Materials, Drinking Water & paper Cups & office equipment and furniture as required. 16. Answering and resolving queries accurately. 17. Dealing professionally with all complaints and queries. 18. Procurement, Vendor Relations • Excellent Communication Skills • Strong employee’s Relations. 19. Handling all Facilities & Transport related MIS. 20. Process monthly expense bill / reports with supporting documents to the management. 21. Event Management: organizing meetings, conferences, making travel arrangements and hotel reservations for our company guests. 22. Looking after day to day office activities, records and checking attendance register. 23. Building Electricity / Air conditioning power consumption. 24. Deploying Housekeeping staff & Supplies. 25. Deploying security staff & Supplies. 26. Activating cards to allow access (upon receipt of appropriate written authorization template). 27. Deactivating cards upon receipt of notification of loss, theft, termination or change in status. 28. Responsible for cafeteria planning & monitoring, supervising and providing assistance in the functions of food service facilities: breakfast, lunch & dinner & snacks etc. & maintain accurate food service records. 29. Repair and maintain a variety of plumbing and piping systems 30. EPABX Room and HUB Rooms. 31. Handled office cash receipts and petty cash. 32. Visitor\Vendor and Temp ID Cards 33. Designed spreadsheets, slide shows, presentations, charts, graphs and other documentation as needed. Minder


Me conte um pouco da sua trajetória!

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Cheguei me apresentando com nome, idade, cor, graduação e tenho experiência há 7 anos em seguros operacional saúde odonto empresarial etc e 5 anos em administrativo com pouca experiência em RH :) Minder

Bedfordshire Fire & Rescue Service

While at one of the stations someone asked you to do something. How would you reply!?

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I informed the panel that I would listen to the request then I would say I just need to contact my manager or supervisor to inform them. If I could not get hold of them I would message them to tell them what I had been asked. I would then see if I could work it into what I had to do. If I could not I would either pass on the job to someone else or I would see if they could potentially take on one of the tasks that I had so I could for fill the task requested of me. Minder


If you were stranded on an island and could only have three things what would it be.

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A difficult encounter I experienced in work, working in healthcare.


What is your experience with facility mechanicals?

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Each facility has had its own unique mechanicals, from steam driven heating, to hot water heat, to forced air heat. Experience has been broad enough to understand the basic function of the system and determine with some degree of certainty what may be wrong with the system and/or the necessary preventative maintenance issues needed. Minder

D. E. Shaw & Co. - Investment Firm

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

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5 Years ago I didn't see myself being here interviewing with you but here I am. I just want to do everything I can to experience bigger and better things and to learn along the way. Minder


Why I left my last employment

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I didn't go into much detail just said it wasn't the right place for me.

North Dakota State University

What is one of your weaknesses?

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I have mild anxiety, but ever since I started working in this field, I have been working diligently to overcome it, and can say with confidence that I do not let it affect my work. Minder


I was asked about my work background/experience.

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I relayed and explained in more detail the information provided on my CV.

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