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Mueller Reports
Er werd een Field Inspector gevraagd...9 augustus 2016

No other question. Immediately told that they do not hire people who work for other companies because they may use the hourly position to work other job.

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Be grateful they didn't hire you. If you wanted stable work, you wouldn't have gotten it anyway. Minder

I feel the interviewer should have asked me if I was willing to quit any contracting work for other companies instead of assuming I would cheat the company out of milage paid. Minder

National Mortgage Field Services

If I was married and did I have any kids?

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I told him it was inappropriate and I needed a job not a boyfriend.

Metropolitan Mosquito Control District

What do you know about the Mosquito Control and why do you want to work here?

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Read the website and have an answer to why you want to work here.

Mueller Reports

If I was comfortable contacting residents

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yes, in most cases quite comfortable

City of Houston

Things pertaining to actual field inspections

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I gave direct and specific answers to the questions


How would you go about learning what you need to know to complete the job.

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I would read the material and discuss any questions I had with a more experienced source. Minder

If I would be willing to lie on a job if I was asked to

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No . If they want me to lie they got the wrong person

Seek Now

How comfortable are you on different pitches of roof?

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Reliable Reports Inc

Granted this was a little under 5 years ago I'll try to remember as best as I can. There were at least 10 questions he asked I think but these were ones I remembered. 1 - Tell me something you find positive about yourself or something you might describe as a personal strength.

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1 - I mentioned things like my punctuality, determination to get a job done regardless of personal restraints, friendly disposition towards others and how I almost never get angry (I always went on to explain why this is but that's a personal reason more than anything). Minder

Atlantic Engineering Labs

Willing to travel? own car to travel to job site ?

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