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Headway Workforce Solutions
Er werd een Field Interviewer gevraagd...24 mei 2016

Have you ever modified the operating system of a mobile device?

2 antwoorden

Based on my personal experience, it is more likely that they asked that question because of the activities of shady managers .......and they didn't want those activities to be documented, thus the micromanaging the tablets. Minder

They would prefer "No" because they've had some trouble with people doing shady things to tablets that administer surveys. Minder


How did you handle unruly students in past teaching experience

2 antwoorden

I stood next to the student as I was speaking

Although my AAS were very well trained to handle these situations, I would remind the student that others were trying to complete the Assessment. Often, the reminder that they got to keep their ear buds upon completion was very helpful. Minder

LHK Partners

What do you think you would like about this position

1 antwoorden

The travel, and the ability to meet new people.

Statistics Canada

Three qualities that make you a good candidate for the job.

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I have great skills and experiences that match the job requirements: Excellent communication skills, the ability to persuade people, and can adapt well and respond appropriately in all scenarios. Minder

Benin Electricity DisCo

Am required to carry out an infield assessment

1 antwoorden

Am still on it

What challenges have you faced and how did you overcome them?

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I said I had to recruit clients and used community resources.


are you still interested in "working" the Field Position

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Sorry slavery ended 200 years ago

Headway Workforce Solutions

why someone who is over qualified be interested in this position?

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currently, it suits my suitation of limited work duration and constant employment Minder

NORC at the University of Chicago

Can you tell me about an instance in your professional life where you had to overcome opposition and had to convince/encourage someone to do something?

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I offered a recent experience during a recent study I took part in as a interviewer collecting and analyzing data for a local university. One of the randomly chosen participants was very reluctant to join the study and contributed minimal information at best. I explained the process and Methods it required to gain the participants trust and keep her engaged. Minder


How would you organize before going out into the field?

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I would review materials to familiarize myself with the project and general interviewing techniques, map my cases and arrange them by location, check to make sure I have all necessary supplies, practice my introductory speech, and give myself a 'pep talk' to prepare to meet new people. Minder

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