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KeyPoint Government Solutions
Er werd een Field Investigator gevraagd...28 juni 2016

"You are trying to meet a deadline however it does not look like you will meet the deadline. You have already asked your boss for two extensions. Will you submit the incomplete assignment or ask your boss for another extension?

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Good luck. You'll be on your way out the door.

I only submit quality work. The manager may not like it but I will request another extension in order to avoid the poorly performed task from coming back to me. Minder

I was asked about my pharmacy experience. Had to wing that because I did not think I would be asked about pharmacy in the interview. However, my answers must have been good.

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Tell me about your pharmacy customer service experience.


KeyPoint Government Solutions

How do you manage time?

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Make priority jobs first.

KeyPoint Government Solutions

How would you handle a difficult problem?

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KeyPoint Government Solutions

How many years experience

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over 10 years

KeyPoint Government Solutions

How would you handle more than one case, which would be your priority?

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I would decide depending on the details of the case and choose the one with higher priority. Minder

Horsemen Investigations

Why do you want to be an investigator

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Because I always wanted to do the type of work he was offering

US Department of Labor

How do you handle multiple responsibilities?

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How do you prioritize tasks that need immediate attention?

Hub Enterprises

Are you still interested the position? If so, we would like to hire you today based on your experience.

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I will discuss the matter with my wife and have an answer for you on Monday.


Describe how your prior work experience might add to this role.

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Listed my prior responsibilities in my past jobs and described why I believe I would be beneficial. Minder

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