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Er werd een RN Field Case Manager gevraagd...28 maart 2020

What is your experience in home health?

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United Health Care Staffing

What would you if you enter a client's home with horrible living conditions?

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Depends on the age of the client and degree of the horrible condition. If it was a minor the odds are I would make a report to CPS. If the client is elderly and unable to care for themselves well enough, I would make an APS report and utilize community resources and/or family to help the situation. If the client is an capable adult, I could offer community resources and ask permission to talk to other family member, but this scenario has much less options because as an adult he has the right to refuse help. In California, the city can close the property if there is no running water. But, it is better to try to improve the living condition rather than making them homeless. This is a very short answer to a complicated question. Minder


How long I Have done Field CM?

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Over 10 years


No difficult questions. Just wanted to know that you had skills and experience to fulfill role

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Explained my nursing background and experience.

Genex Services

Relevant experience

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Provided overview of bedside experience that would enhance my role as a case manager Minder

UnitedHealth Group

What do you think about changing roles at the drop of a hat?

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I don't expect anything negative out of a situation like that, as long as I am empowered with the knowledge I need to know for me to run the tasks appropriately. Minder


Tell me about yourself.

Genex Services

Your employment history and if you are okay with traveling

Innomar Strategies

Tell us why you are the best candidate for the role


Tell me how you handle a situation with a client/ patient where you didn't feel safe.

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