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Cherry Bekaert
Er werd een E-File Clerk gevraagd...22 maart 2023

How did you handle making an error and what did you do to ensure it does not happen again?

Tell me a little bit about yourself

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I just answered honestly that I was currently in school and I told them my major and some hobbies I like Minder

Society Insurance

What motivates you? How would your last employer describe your work ethic? On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your teamwork skills? What do you expect from me as your manager? What are three words to describe your personality?


is is number or letters rims or a different style


How is my availability and what hourly wage am I looking for.

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I'm very open to a flexible schedule.


What are my strengths and weakness

All Ohio Title Examining

Have you worked in a fast-paced environment?


Asked why I wanted to switch to working in healthcare as I was in a lawyers office for 5 years prior.

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I was honest and told her that working for a lawyers although fun it was a lot of long hours. Minder

J. Diamond and Associates

What is your plan after graduation?

Greenspoon Marder

To give an overview of my resume

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