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Er werd een Director, Finance Controller gevraagd...5 september 2022

Tell us about yourself. How is the current oil scenario going to impact the world trade What steps you would take to ensure financial discipline in an ongoing project

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Dear I am Md.Mamun-Or-Rashid. From naogaon, Bangladesh, There 5members in my family, For Being Companies guideline I think I ensure that I Would Complete the Companies financial goals from my perspective Minder

Always maintain Companies Rules and Maintain my junior qualigu to obtain Companies target Minder

For Being My superior support I will work In my heart soul and Companies project fully successful Minder

Suntory PepsiCo Vietnam Beverage

The motivation to apply for the job

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Willingness to join the professional working environment of the top FMCF company


The question by phone interview (HR interview): - Describe a bit about your cv - Discussion about your work experiences or internships

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I have said that i have a better comprehension (in terms of languages) in german than french. However, most of the employees in Deloitte Luxembourg talked french, afterwards english. German language are not used very often in their company. I think that this is the reason why they don't took me in the next round of the interview. They wrote that my skills and experience don't match up with their job descriptions. Then I asked myself, why did they invite me to the interview. It is all written in the job registration. This is a waste of time and cost money. Minder

Yes I speek Portugas English


‘I worked on several projects that required creativity, but one really stands out?

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I tried to come up with a creative solution to provide the board with real options that would impact sales. Minder

BNP Paribas Securities Services

Competência de Excel e falar em inglês

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Disse médio e falei em inglês

Dynamics Resources

Asked if I had experience with immigration paperwork

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Told them I did not, as I had listed on my cover letter with my resume


Salary expectations.

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I said 55k€ annual and they felt it was too high and suggested 50.


Whats the size of the projects handled?

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Us $ 100 Million


what was my Most successfull achievment during my previous job - how did i manage to about beyhond ?

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Cost saving plan

Goldman Sachs

Walk me through your resume

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Tell me about a time you struggled during your last internship

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