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Light & Wonder
Er werd een Director of Finance gevraagd...5 augustus 2022

Most questions asked were resume-specific. They do care a lot about "why Light & Wonder?".


1. What kind of work you have done in your previous job? 2. Explain credit note to a 10 year old kid. 3. What were the challenges you find during your work experience? And how did you overcome it

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Pretty well

Activision Blizzard

Standard interview questions the one key one was how do you forecast.

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I gave a range of 3 commonly accepted answers


Previous experience Pros and cons Career path

Vail Resorts

Basic review of employment background and relevant experience to the specific job and the hospitality industry. Some questions regarding career goals and fit with the specific opportunity.


Primary questions centered around E-Commerce metric improvement thoughts and experience. They are also looking for a level up on budget which sounds like they have ample opportunity to accomplish.

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Planned to break acquisition cost into components and track performance of each. Budget improvements starting granularly and expanding. Minder


How would you account for the volatility in the Bitcoin price in your modelling?

The Nature Conservancy

Please review our financials and comment in writing on strengths and issues.

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Two page response

The Nature Conservancy

Please review this example case and provide a written response. The case was four pages.

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Wrote up a three page response.

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