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NAB - National Australia Bank
Er werd een Financial Crimes Investigation Analyst gevraagd...24 mei 2019

What would you do if someone asked you to do something that you knew was wrong?

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Did you get the role ?


Hey, could you please tell me what kind of group activities were conducted at the Assessment center. Also would there be any pshycometric test there. Minder

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Safe Horizon

What do you think it will be like working in a precinct?

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Fast paced environment, hectic, busy, overwhelming

Kalispel Tribe of Indians

What does confidentiality mean to you?

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Not sharing information, not bringing work home, refrain from sharing important info with others. Keeping private. Minder


How often do have problems or disagreements with your colleagues? Describe one situation. But you just said it happens often?

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No problems really, but disagreemnts arise in every team i have been, happens often. Can't recall a particular situation at the moment. i mean often in my 10 years of experience, not every day! Minder

Wells Fargo

The typical BS question.

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Think cliche as possible.

Wells Fargo

Why do you want to work at wells fargo

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In detail, please tell me what happen, and how should you feel similar situation should have been handled, had you been faced with the situation? Minder

Wells Fargo

All questions were situational, behavioral questions. None asked about my experience with fraud.

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any classic or text book answer.

Wells Fargo

How many applications have you had to use on a daily basis?

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I've used about 5 to 6 different systems depending on the situation

Wells Fargo

Listing you weaknesses.

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Try to think of something that can be turned into a positive.

Nationwide Building Society

based on x3 competencies for the role - which they email to you in advance get the job done, decide what right & always learning - you have a choice of x2 questions but if you choose the 2nd question you cant return to 1st

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I answered all the questions fully and gave some really strong examples. took nationwide 18 days !!!!!to come back to me after interview i had to chase several times and no reason given as to why i was unsuccessful really poor show and constant chasing my colleague got an update after 2 days with a no .. we both had very strong financial backgrounds and qualifications, we both had strong interview techniques and were both competent/confident in job interview can only presume it was we were too expensive on salary range and too old !!!!! Minder

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