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Er werd een Forensic Fire and Explosion Investigator gevraagd...8 maart 2018

How does a fridge work? If you left a fridge open in a room, would it cool the room?

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No. The heat energy extracted from the contents of the fridge is radiated out the back. Additionally, the compression /pumping system will be less than 100% efficient - energy will be lost in the form of heat. Therefore, there is a net output of heat. As the fridge is left open, the warm air mixes with the cool air inside the fridge, and the internal thermostat will detect that more cooling is needed - consequently the fridge will keep running and keep warming up the room. Minder

Depends how big the room is


If a blast happens in a room what part would bear the most impact?

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depends how big the room is

Corners, because the blast impulse/wave will reverberate off both walls in phase to be more severe than would occur against a flat. Minder

What would I like to do in my career?

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I would like to become a Fire Investigator.


Experience , certifications, and qualifications

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Must have all these or you won't get hired


If you lit a match and dropped it into a pool or petrol and a pool of diesel what would happen and why?

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Petrol would ignite - the petrol is volatile, and the vapours would catch fire from the match. Diesel is non-volatile (at least, at normal temperatures), so there are no vapours to catch fire from the match. This is why diesel in engines need to be injected and compressed (adiabatic heating) Minder


What are the wires inside a plug and their functions?

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Brown - Live Blue - Neutral These two carry the main current Yellow/Green - Earth. If there is a short inside the product, and a live wire touches the shell and energises the casing, the Earth provides a path fro the current to flow to...Earth (via the Earthing plate or rod) Minder


There is a fire in a room, that occurs beside the TV. A burn pattern is in the rug, in the form of a bin outline. How would you go about determining the cause of the fire and why would you do those things?


Please describe your experience in investigating fires.

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