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IHG Hotels and Resorts
Er werd een Food and Beverage Manager gevraagd...3 juli 2012

Are you willing to join us?

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Willing to join and help in operation. 6 years experience handling stores.

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Fairmont Hotels & Resorts

Can you work in a team environment?

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Yes, and a must as we new colleagues we have to create and blend with the team as our colleagues in the future Minder


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Name a time you delt with a difficult customer and how you handled it.

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I was working at the four points by Sheraton in Brentwood Tennessee I had a guest come to me around 11 PM saying there was a baby crying in the room next to them so I mediately went to the front desk found them a king suite upgrade and gave to breakfast Bacher's for them for the following morning Minder

The guests are extremely happy and filled out a trip advisor

Make sure you mention a very difficult customer and nothing simple.

Seminole Gaming

How did you turn a negative customer experience round into a positive customer experience

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Depends what’s you consider average most bars use 1/6 barrels which should consist of about 55 12 oz pours. Then most mainstream domestics like Miller lite etc would probably be using a 1/4 barrel which should yield 82 12 oz pours Minder

How many glasses of 12 oz pints are in a average size keg


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

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If you give me a chance to be part of your company my goal to gain more profits for your prestigious company and to enhance my skills, knowledge , experience , and abilities. Minder

Please, ask me real questions.

Four Points By Sheraton

Are you proficient with ordering and inventory?

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Yes I am.

Yes I am.

Delaware North

What type pf leadership do you use

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Lead from the front, leadership by example

I believe a good leader, leads by example. To be firm but fair. I also believe a good leader can show the other employees that he/she is not "above" getting their hands dirty and help out her team. Respect is earned and knowing that you have a leader who will step up to help shows alot about their character and the type of person they are. I personally enjoy working with my team when I was a supervisor/manager with everyone because I felt like I learned some things that I might not have thought of in the past. Minder

Marriott International

What are your core values?

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* Till we are a hospitalier specialist in our field, we must have always the trust and be full confident that we are ready to serve our guest with Best Service and support. * Further more due my engineering experience and certain pre - opening and technical operating properties im so confident to deliver the right and proper support as my engineering field to my Employer and our Guest Minder

* Looking always ahead in my career and my private life to have more achievement which refer beneficial to my employer and my life as well. * Lead by example and act as team work to keep motivate the team for more improvement. * Keep as standard the task work and the internal role of company policy. * work as integrity in order to have more confident between employee and employer Minder


typically generic,the usual questions always asked in some form or fashion pertaining to knowledge experience and some personal chit chat questions. most hotels and interviews are boring yada yada , you cant escape it..

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I answer honestly..either I am qualified for the position or not, either I will click with them or not. Minder

I give them a scenario of my weaknesses strengths ability to motivate and mentor


What was your most difficult customer confrontation and how did you handle it?

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Customer Service : No matter how good you are at your job , you're going to encounter difficult customers from time to time.Some of these people are always difficult . they may just be having a bad day or negative experience >Therefore you need to come, relax listen To see how you can help .and handle the customer. Minder

But you have to remember customer is always right so try to help them to the best of your ability Minder

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