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The Emirates Group
Er werd een Restaurant Food and Beverage Supervisor gevraagd...15 juni 2012

Guest found a hair on the food what will you do?

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Approach the guest and apologize and make sure that letting guests feel that we are really taking care about them and food safety as well. And in the same time,during the conversation is going on try to fix the problem by offering new dish for the guest.. And the important thing is we have to create an environment where that guest can be absolutely satisfy. Minder

first take ownership and apologize to the guest, and ask the guest to allow you to make another dish for him/her, Minder

If customer found hair in a food so firstly we remove the food on table and using LATTE module Listen, Apologize,Take action,Thank you and encourage after that we will provided the new food if customer not agree so we will refund the whole amount of bill and give customer recovery coupon. Minder

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Role play when a customer shows up not knowing what to order

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We can do suggestive selling so as to sell new and to sell more

I sell my best meal at menu

Davidson Hospitality Group

How many years have you worked in the hospitality industry?

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I explained the number of years I have worked in the industry and highlighted the positions in which I had worked. Minder


what is the first thing when you came on work behind the bar

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to wash my hands and start to set up the bar

Protea Hotels

How do you keep staff members motivated?

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I do my best to show recognition and acknowledgement to all employees that meet goals, which keeps morale high and employees on task. Also, when applicable, I keep tasks interdependent within the team, so that staff members require and encourage fellow staff members to complete their work. Minder


Dimentions of events area in my previous hotel

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I have describe my ballroom area 4500 sq.ft. and Meeting room 1300 sq.feet with capacity and also describe diffrent setup in ballroom Minder

Palace Casino Resort

If I thought going to non-smoking at my last job affected business. How we could have promoted our business in other ways.

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Yes. Gambling, drinking, and smoking are synonymous with each other. I suggested maybe some night life for people to go to. Minder

Mohegan Sun at Pocono Downs

Why do you wanna work for this company?

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Tell us about your past work experience and a negative experience and how you handled it Minder

Vintage Hotels

What do you think would be the most difficult part of transitioning from where you currently work to this environment?

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Learning the fine dining Standards and Procedures

Bowlero Corporation

What makes you the most fit for this position?

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I am very well trained.

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