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IHG Hotels and Resorts
Er werd een Director of Food & Beverage gevraagd...2 april 2014

How would you handle challenging direct reports

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I don't know

What's a correct answer?

The Cravings Group

Why are you in flats? I don't like it.

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I love my flats.

I really love my flats

TPG Hotels & Resorts

So being that you have not worked for the company, what do you know about TPG?

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I'm sorry but having someone in a position that hires employees use the phrase "So being you have never worked here" I would have had to correct his English first. Maybe add a little punctuation? So, since you have never worked here, blah blah, blah, blah... The answer...What the Hell does that even mean??? I get the part about changing their shizniz when the economy is down. But the rest might as well be blah, blah, blah, blah. It reminds me of those characters the Wayans did that have heard words that sounded important and they wanted to throw them around but they did not have a clue of the meaning. Jibber jabber! Truthfully, you lost me at "So being" I had the red pencil out from that point on. Minder

From a factual perspective I know the company has continued growth and success within the industry and is not afraid to make tough decisions that prepare for this type of economy knowing everyone else will pretty much follow suit of the bigger branded companies in similar if not counterproductive time frames. I am also aware that there is a stigma and almost fictional type negative reputation from colleagues I have had that were former employees, to which has only encouraged me to take every word from our discussion as iron clad fact, not corporate small talk from someone I will never see again. Minder

Kingdom of Dreams

Any one can ask related to my job description

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I am comfortable to handle all activity related to my field

I m happy with my jobs. From them I get knowledge and responsibilities how to face any critical situation. That's it Minder

Serena Hotels

The most difficult question was about re location in Afghanistan

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Because of the passionate I have for acompany why not

Answer was yes provided security was provided

Tim Hortons

What is your availability

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Woodside Hospitality Group

What is your experience with managing managers, and how have you handled difficult performance conversations?

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30 ans

Remington Hospitality

I was asked questions by 6 different people wanting to know about my work history and about myself.

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I gave a run-down of my history and myself.

Clarion Hotels

What can you bring to this company?

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I know a lot of people in this town and where every i work they all seem to start frequenting that place of employment often and with more people so your revenue will grow. Minder

Washington Athletic Club

What was your reason for leaving your previous position?

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