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International Center for Language Studies
Er werd een Foreign Language Instructor gevraagd...21 augustus 2015

Tell me about yourself.

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I have come to know the company name after browsing the internet. I am from Bangladesh. I am a professor of Bengali language and literature in a university of Bangladesh. I have keen interest in teaching Bengali in USA. Thank you so much. Minder

I am Ruth omundi from Kenya East Africa with a degree of kiswahili at

First Leap

What cities do you have a preference for? Oh, and by the way we have only openings in Beijing.

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Just curious what was the name of your recruiter?


EF English First

The interviewer read a passage pretending to be a student and asked me to guide them through it.

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I corrected minor mistakes, but repeated the mistake to let him self correct.

Is it the only job interview hurdle that one needs to get through scenario?or they want to know the talent, temperament and technique of the applicant in that scenario.In both cases answer of the above situation varies.Chinese parents dont like waiting for the results and the owners of the school make every die hard effort even frivolous to satisfy the parents but the transformation of the student/learner Minder

Department of Trade and Industry Philippines

How does a typical commercial diplomat spends his day?

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Typically reading the business section of the newspaper, going over papers, etc.

Parks his car anyplace he wants

US Agency for International Development

Would you like a coffee?

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No thank you, I drink tea.

U.S. Department of State

Why do you want to be a foreign service officer

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Probably one of the tougher questions to answer, especially if you haven't thought of it in advance. Minder

U.S. Department of State

How do you operate in a team environment? Give an example of how you manage conflicts in a team environment.

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The Department of State heavily functions using team effort, support and coordination. It is expected that you have the same ability before taking such a job. Examples of how you work in teams and managed conflict or differences in opinion is particularly useful. Minder

Guangzhou Worlda Cultural & Educational Consulting Services

When can you arrive to China?

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Depends on how long it takes for me to get all this paper work (passport, visa, etc) done. Minder

They asked for my credentials

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I told them of my education, volunteer experience and passion for teaching all ages. Minder

GG Network

Pretty standard interview questions like "Why are you interested in this position and our company". Nothing too unique.

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Just like a normal candidate. I thought I was fitting the position and I was confident overall. Minder

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