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Er werd een Forensic Accountant gevraagd...10 januari 2021

Does your manager know that you are looking for another job?

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Ummmm no...


Explain a problematic situation that you've experienced while holding a leadership position, and how did you handle and solve the problem?

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I gave a brief summary of how I tutored several students in college and how one student was involved in academically unethical behaviors and then how I went about fixing the issue Minder

Michigan Department of Community Health

What I would do if I came across a problem on a case?

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Ask others, use resources, or ask the manager

FTI Consulting

What do you know about FTI and why do you want to work here?

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Make sure you research them before hand .... How long they have been operating, how many employees, charity work and differenct branches/services...etc. Minder

Sobel & Co

If there were an upcoming case but it was not secured yet, what would you do to prepare?


Why are you interested in this line of work


Some sort of balance sheet test


Did you enjoy the day?

Kinetic Partners

The firm was most curious about any contact that I may have had with the Madoff recovery efforts.

Antonyan Miranda

They asked about my background in tax

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