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Er werd een Franchise Operations gevraagd...16 november 2016

Why do you want to work at Domino's? Tell me how you handle multiple tasks

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because i love pizza and i want learn something new,when i have multiple task i would delegate the task. Minder

It seems like a good company to work for, most people I know that work for a Domino's enjoy it, I handle multitasking effectively, I'm good at handling more than one thing at once. Making the pizza, talking to the customer, having heightened awareness on things like the oven, able to drop what I'm doing (like making a pizza) and put that phone on hold, getting the carry-outs pizza out of the oven and cut/given to them and moving right back to the makeline to finish that pizza in a timely manner Minder

Because I beed to work.

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Westlake Services

Why westlake?

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Because Hell was out of vacancies.

Do your homework on the company. It's not just westlake financial, it's the whole Hankey group. The company has tons to offer. Minder


What do I have to offer?

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I offer leader skills, fast learner, able to work fast pace, friendly, pride in work, able to complete work without accommodation, assertive, outgoing, great listener, engaged with people. Minder

Experience on both corporate and franchise. Understand what the franchisee foes through. Minder

Lawn Doctor

Are you comfortable with weekly travel?

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Explained I was familiar with traveling for a career and used to out of town work. Minder


SCA Appraisal Company

I didn't get a difficult or unexpected question. It was pretty much given to me because I was interested in the location available and I had some experience as a vendor for the company.

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Any suggestions for someone thinking about buying a SCA franchise?

No, I am no longer with SCA. I was not getting any work at all in a metropolitan area. I would have to travel 500 miles a day to make a paycheck and not see my wife and child. I would not recommend buying a Franchise. I regret spending the money to own two franchises and not having anything to show for it. I would recommend being a vendor for several different companies to make a living if you want to be an independent appraiser. The company does not recognize the work an appraiser or franchise owner does. There is some support, a lot of micromanaging. Most companies that have franchise owners, do classes, they do a recognition for the owners, they have a convention to meet other owners to network...SCA does none of are on your own. They are focused on the negative and what the appraisers are doing wrong instead of doing right. I was with SCA for over 6 years and was happiest as a vendor. Minder


Wie gehen Sie auf Ihre Franchisepartner zu

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Offen, lasse Sie reden, um Sie kennen zu lernen und Ihre Probleme zu verstehen.

College Pro

There were no difficult questions

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No difficult questions

Patrice & Associates

How do you recruit candidates?

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I explained my recruiting strategies and creative sourcing.


They only talked about themselves.

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Just sit back and listen. If you want the job smile and tell them how impressed you are with them even though you know they are embarrassing themselves. Who behaves like that? GNC egos. Minder


In your career have you experienced high turn-over among your team and what did you do to fix it?

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I have experienced high turn over. However, from a standpoint of controlled re-structuring. First, recognizing problem areas/under performing team members to be able to ask the question "Why". Why are they under performing? Why is my labor too high, or too low? Why hasn't this person moved up in the last year or two? Listen to understand. Address the areas that have opportunities to improve, engage, and develop under performing team members. If they are not a cultural fit, bad hire, or what ever the case may be in which they are needing to be promoted to a guest, don't cut your nose off to spite your face, if you are not in a position to do without. Do the best you can with what you have, but make the commitment to coach, develop, and set the team up for success. Make sure you are hiring the best fit for the team, not just experience or availability. Follow-up regularly on work-place environment, development, aspirations, enjoyment, etc. Letting the team know you care about them and helping to taking care of their needs, will in turn have them take care of your guests needs. Minder

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