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Er werd een Fraud Risk Analyst gevraagd...14 september 2021

What fraud techniques do you think online customers commit?

2 antwoorden

Give us an example where you encountered a problematic situation at work, and what you did to analyze it and come up with a solution. Minder

Some of the fraud techniques that can be done through online are to send the spam messages , malware, Phishing and spoofing and there are many other fraud that are done through online Minder

Platin Gaming

What is your current experience

2 antwoorden

I worked in betting section for 4 years

Well good luck with that Company which everyone in Malta knows that it is the worst one to work for. Minder

Grilled me in a rude tone about everything on my CV

1 antwoorden

Answered everything politely despite the panic attack because I have dignity.


What is your career planning?

1 antwoorden

I have planned to progress to managerial level position in 5 years


Which core value resonates with you the most.

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Champion the mission- explained why the specific core value is important Honestly at the end of the day- only apply to airbnb if you really believe in the mission and vision brian and the ceos have if not you will run dry very fast. Minder


Are you able to handle change as things change daily?

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I responded that based on the current work environment I was in, working on a government contract, things changed daily. You just approached it with an open mind and do your best with the changes that were being implemented. I did not have issues with constant change. Minder


Why do you want to work at Lyft?

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From what I've heard and read it's a great company to work for and cares and values its employees. Minder


Are you familiar with chargebacks? How would you define fraud?

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Chargebacks are when people dispute charges with their bank and the bank take back the funds from the organization. Minder


Why do you want to Work at Square?

1 antwoorden

I enjoy the functionality it provides.


if you recieve a call and the caller answered the security question wrong what would you do and would you hang up if they argue with you in wont get off the phone

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i said i would ask them the second part two security question and if they can not answer them correctly i would tell them to call me back when they have the correct information because we cannot go further with this call without it Minder

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