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Ball State University
Er werd een Front Desk Hotel Clerk gevraagd...19 april 2023

Tell me about yourself, when are you planning to graduate, willing to work weekends, etc.


Describe your past work experience

IHG Hotels and Resorts

What would make you an asset to company?

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With +14 years of experience in Security and Safety field including mid-level positions. I highly seek challenging opportunities where I can fully use my skills for the success of the organization. And Looking to improve and expand my knowledge and skills, in a positive new environment. Pragmatic, detail-oriented, and dependable, with an uncompromising work ethic. An active listener, with strong interpersonal skills. Enjoy working with people of all ages and cultures. I am very passionate about my work and ensure time delivery of the tasks, while maintaining high quality standards. People consider me as a good leader and I have great relationships with everyone , be it my subordinates, mentors, vendors or senior management.” I have the skills and experience which you are looking for this particular position and I am confident that I will bring some value to your business in this project management role. With an experience of working with the top companies Minder

Hawaiiana Management Company

Which company do you like?

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World Gym

Do you workout Can you use basic equipment

Marriott International

Name a situation where you faced a problem in your job and the steps you took to overcome it?

Cats Protection

They never as far as I could remember asked anything about myself as I do not think it was on there set questions

Cats Protection

They asked set questions from a script set out in front of them and never varied from these questions. Just asked about my experiences as I could seeing them reading from it. They asked each other which question what ones they were asking.

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To the best of my ability.


What are your strengths and weaknesses?

The Hill Medical

Tell me about yourself and why you'd be a good fit.

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