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Er werd een Front Desk Receptionist gevraagd...14 januari 2019

Tell me about your redundancy (if appropriate) or why do you want to leave your present employer?

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Just told them the truth that I was looking for a job change and why.

I am working as an independent contractor. I have a lot of Front Desk experience, from Hotels and Country Clubs. I think that my experience and drive, will make me an asset to your company. I would be delighted to introduce myself in person and discuss this wonderful position. Minder

I have been working in The Hospitality Industry for many years , in Hotels as well Country Clubs. Now I am an independent contractor and work on several projects at this time. I am looking to go back to my roots, which is being a Front Desk Receptionist. Minder

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Cobbs Ford Pet Health Center

What is something that you can bring to this company?

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Great people skills

Hard work and dedication

Friendly, great people person!

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Holiday Inn

What days are you available and what shifts?

5 antwoorden

I have open availability interview on Monday 6 Dec 2021

I have open availability interview on Monday 6 Dec 2021

I have open availability.

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The Quentin Hotels

When are you able to work?

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I am able to work right away....

I am able right now

I am able to work right away

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Burke Williams

how would you deal with an irritated guest

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I would listen to them, first and foremost. I would make sure they knew that they had my undivided attention. Once they finished venting, I'd do anything within my power to fix the problem and make sure the guest was, in the end, satisfied. The only time I would get a supervisor would be if 1. They requested I get one, or 2. There was nothing I could do because I didn't have the authority. Minder

I would ask them to remain calm while I sort out the situation

Calmly listen to their complaint and try to sort it out within my power at the spa. If they are still irritated after offering them my own solution, I would involve management so everyone walks away happy. Minder

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Mindful Therapy Group

how I would handle an irate client who was upset that they were charged a $50 cancellation fee

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In our office each new patient signed a form regarding patient financial responsibility about canceling or missing an appointment the day of they get charged. Minder

I would acknowledge that paying a $50 bill for a missed appointment would be aggravating but that the policy had been made clear when the appointment was made. I would tell the patient that I know they would appreciate not waiting or a no show person if they were in need.. Minder

You and I both know about the cancellation policy fees, dear. Keep this in mind if $50 is that important to you, darling. Minder

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What would you do if you were the only one on the desk, a guest was asking you questions, and the phone was ringing?

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Guest must be a first priority

I can serve the guest than I can answer the phone.

I would ask the customer to hold one second, apologizing for the inconvenience. I would answer the phone and ask them to hold. Once the phone was on hold I would quickly finish with the customer at the desk, the co to use with the phone, apologizing for the hold. Minder

C&W Services

Do you live in an urban area?

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I asked how that was relevant to my qualifications as someone who has worked two years as a receptionist. They quickly moved on to the next question. Minder

They may have just been trying to get an idea of how far you live from the job.

They should have asked you how was Drive to their location.


Am i supposed 2 take on any other job besides the one am am taken for?

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if u have a great going in the job u dont need to take any other job and if u have any problem with the job or u think that the boss is not happy with your kind of job then yes to the question Minder

No if its not in you field then you can refuse.

Holiday Inn Club Vacations

How will you deal with an angry guest?

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I would also repeat back to the customer the service requested. This lets the customers knows that you understand the issue and what steps that they may need next. Minder

Calm the guest down and try to find out exactly what the guest is upset about then, come up with a solution to make the guest happy. Minder

Match their emotion and energy. Sympathize and tell them “I understand how you feel, a lot of our guests sometimes feel that way, but it actually works like...” Minder

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