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Rook Coffee
Er werd een Full Charge Bookkeeper gevraagd...27 september 2015

Saying this interview process was an utter waste of time would be an understatement. Very few questions about my skill set. The co-owner was mostly concerned about my lifestyle and asked questions about my hobbies, interests, and my life experiences. He said he was not concerned about my qualifications and said I was more than qualified with my past work experience and education. I have the impression the co-owner had ulterior motives in interviewing me and other candidates. I feel the interviews went extremely well, he said he would let me know either way within a week. I've contacted him twice (phone and email) to get the status of his decision. He never had the decency to get back to me.

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Hi there, Thank you for taking the time to leave a review regarding your interview for our Bookkeeper position. Please know that 100% of the applicants who interviewed for this position were emailed directly from Shawn once the job was filled. Once the position was filled, emails to all other candidates were sent out on September 22, 2015 between 1pm-2pm, directly from Shawn. We recommend that you check your spam folder to see if your message was filtered there. We can always forward you the message again. Please let us know if you would like us to do so. Additionally, at Rook our company culture is extremely important. This is why some of our interview questions may not seem typical. Please know Rook Coffee is an extremely fair workplace. We thank you again for taking the time to review your experience. Minder

Let me assure you that 100% of the applicants who applied for this position were not contacted by Shawn, as I was one of them. I've checked my spam folder. The fact that you bring up your company culture and fairness of work place leads me to wonder if you've had EEOC issues. Reflecting on the questions during your interview process, you did seem to be weeding out certain demographics. Best of luck in your future endeavors. Minder

Do not waste your time with Rook Coffee.

If I would reconsider and perhaps do his books on the weeknds.

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I told him that I could not do that.

Had I ever worked for a church before

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Yes, I had previously worked for 2 churches.

Johnson Roofing

Tell us about yourself, What is your experience in Construction and Bookkeeping?

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I am great at payroll and I have worked for a construction company doing request for payment, working with bonds and general office management. Minder

Avitus Group

the 100 question text of bookkeeping knowledge - really good exam.

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Carter Eye Center

Do you have any questions for me? How would you feel working for someone else? What is the compensaton and benefit level for this position.

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Vagely, if at all. Was stated many times and ways that I may have trouble following direction from a "boss." I responded that I would not. My drive time seemed to be a talking point as well. Minder

Valiant Staffing

How do I get to and from work

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I have my own car


Tell me about yourself

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Relevant education and work experience

Why do you care what the contract says?

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It is a legal document.


How do you think the president of your home country is handling the pandemic?

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I said he messed up the pandemic response and the founder didn’t like my response due to his political leaning. Minder

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