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In the first interview, a sketch of the architecture of the product is presented to me, and the question is what would I do to tackle a bottleneck between two of the components. In this scenario basically, which is something they had to deal with themselves for real, a consumer cannot keep pace with a producer.

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Delving more and more into possible angles, I suggest to investigate a possible redundancy in the information passed, increase the number of instances and reviewing the overall deployment strategy. I finally arrive, with a small hint, to define a push-based notification system for the consumer to notify the receiver to hold his fire or resume the streaming. This is actually not far from what the interviewer had in mind, a backpressure system.

Define the domain model for a system dedicated to CRUD operations on graphs, together with at least the implementation for the all-paths algorithm. The objects the system work with are all fully connected graphs. This was an home assignment with a couple of days of time. As I am a medior developer already mastering the main target language, Scala, the focus was on the abstractions and big pictures rather than the actual code. Less experienced candidates were given the same assignment but with more time, so that they could produce a fully-working prototype and explore points like persistency.

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In the second interview I am asked to cook up an algorithm to compute position (m, n) in a Pascal triangle; free implementation, pseudocode is still good. Together with the company CTO, who was the interviewer in the first interview, a backend and frontend developer also joined.

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What do you know about's business model?

(Frontend) Complete the HTML and JavaScript templates to a functioning form which submits [specified fields] when clicking the submit button.

Amount of bytes in a sentence (UTF-8)

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