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MountBlue Technologies
Er werd een Full Stack Web Developer gevraagd...30 juli 2018

Print patterns like Swastic sign, 2-D Array manipulations(Bit Difficult) and String manipulations.

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They will mail the exact date. The joining date is between 6-16 aug. The difficulty of 2nd round was medium. One question was a bit difficult and the rest were medium.If you are good at coding and regularly doing it then you can easily crack it. Minder

Be sure you are good at coding.

when is your joining??what is the difficulty of 2nd round?

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difference between null and void

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Could you please tell us what can be the expected salary for 4-5 years of experience candidate. Minder

Do you know what is the salary band for PM?

How much salary did they offer you?

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Have you used AngularJS?

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This is a yes or no question...

True, the questions weren't difficult, but after I admitted I had used AngularJS, but not Angular, the interview basically ended. Minder

The key in these questions is to cover the fundamentals, and be ready for the back-and-forth with the interviewer. Might be worth doing a mock interview with one of the Envoy or ex-Envoy Full Stack Web Developer experts on Prepfully? They give real-world practice and guidance, which is pretty helpful. prepfully.com/practice-interviews Minder

IGT Solutions

1. Exception, object oriented questions, Angular 5, Java String program.

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written answers on paper. They mainly check how good is your coding skills.

Nice sir. Nicely explained.


Build a web scrapper in any language. Receive a initial URL address.

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I used tree statucre. They check for "production ready" code. Tip: use hash (or object in js) to find if the URL is already found. Minder

Can you provide more details as to what has been asked as far as the scraper? what was it suppose to return? the entire html? only specific html tags? what did you need to present? Minder

Sugoi Labs

Write a program to sort a numeric array by frequency of elements

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var array = [1,2,8,3,8,4,3,8,4,3,3,3] var frequency_map = {}; for(var i=0;i a.value) ? 1 : ((a.value > b.value) ? -1 : 0) }); var result = []; for(var i=0;i Minder

var array = [1,2,8,3,8,4,3,8,4,3,3,3] var frequency_map = {}; for(var i=0;i a.value) ? 1 : ((a.value > b.value) ? -1 : 0) }); var result = []; for(var i=0;i Minder


Write a function that given a string number returns the int representation of it

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Start with a sum of zero. For each character is the string multiply sum by 10 and then convert it to an int and add to sum. Minder

Write a function? If it's JavaScript you can just use parseInt() and be done.


What do you like about Node.js

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can you please describe what kind of coding challenge was asked. Thanks in advance Minder

could you please post the challenge asked in the webx meeting


Are you interested in meeting with a hiring manager, and doing a whiteboard interview?

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Obviously I said I would love to but the question itself is redundant. I just spent like four hours building the project yall asked me to build. like I just wanted to drain four hours of my time, and hop in the hangout call to tell yall about my day? Minder

What was the assignment that you got?


1. given a binary tree, return the number of nodes that got value higher or equal to every node in the path from root to that node. 2. given array of integers, return the first and second lowest numbers. you got 2:20 hours to solve it.

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can you please explain the first question?

I finished in an hour. didn't proceed to next stage.

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