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Er werd een Fullstack Developer gevraagd...6 augustus 2020

1. Exam: Using classses of name, address, which build a person class, buiuld those classses and build a graph, connecting the person nodes - using name and address(if they are the same they are related). Write a function to find the minimum level between two people. 2.Interview - background and then a question. Given a class, print out its attribute names and values. Aftwerwards questions about it, about infinitive loops, complexity, other data structures and how to use it as an api.

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I built the graph with a map, where every person is the index and te value is a list of the neighbors. Then ran with a bfs recursion on all the neighbours. Minder

If I am going to use a dictionary how can I give a key for the person? I am going to do it in C# :-) so how can I add the persons to the dictionary? Minder

I will be glad for some help - my home assignment will occur tomorrow :-) Thanks Minder

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Qual seu nome caro candidato?

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Maria antonia Soares Dos Santos


1. Based on your understanding of the architecture, spend 5-10 minutes generating a list of as many specific reasons that the frontend might not be displaying search results as possible. Try to go as broad and deep as you can – you never know what the issue might be! 2. Cameron, your more junior frontend teammate, has time to work on the problem this afternoon. Choose 2 promising directions from your list and spend 10-15 minutes composing an email explaining how they can start debugging while you're unavailable. Cameron is smart, but new to this system, so they might not know all of the commands and tools you know. Be sure to provide context on the problem, provide specific commands, and explain why you're suggesting these actions to help them make progress. (Pretend the textarea below is the email.)

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General frontend/backend development questions by non-technical interviewers

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Practical answers. I think they expect something more theory rather than my realistic answers Minder

Mind ask what kind of question they ask?


I have been asked my technical experience

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I had worked with their system before and knew it inside out. I was applying for the job because I knew I could improve them and help them create new products that were meeting the current web development standard. Minder

Are you married?

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No I'm not. And then the CEO replied, that's why I'm not interested only in salary increase .... Minder

Black & Black

How do you solve a problem you never had before.

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I walk around and ask colleagues.

Experiência em programação no geral

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Falei sobre toda minha experiência com programação e os problemas que encontrei e resolvi e como posso ser util para a empresa Minder


Build API endpoints for a loan management system.

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Built it.

Platin Gaming

Are you okay to work overtime? Also, we do not pay for overtime works

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Yes, unless it's not too often

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