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Er werd een Game Developer gevraagd...23 maart 2017

Half an integer without using * or / in your preferred language.

3 antwoorden

So I guess you could bit shift it by 1 to get half the result n >> 1

float half = number & 0x1? number>>1+.5f : number>>1

Well this was a long time ago, but for those who still interested : Just a one bit right shifting the integer would give you the half of it Assuming we have a number : int n = 150; Half will be equal to : float half = (n >> 1) + 0.5f; Happy coding! Minder


Tell me about your projects? If a frog is in a 50 ft well and he jumps 3 ft and falls 2ft per day, how many days will he take to get out of the well?

3 antwoorden

Actually, if he jumps 3 ft and drops 2 ft every day then "per day jump => 3 - 2 = 1 feet per day". Thus it would take him 47 days to reach the top of the well. Pretty standard aptitude test. Minder

Actually 50 days as depth is 50 ft and progession is of 1 ft per day

"per day" & "and" u get 3 + 2 per day so 5 multiplied by days 5 x 10 = "50" answer = "10" so they have u doing grade school work...................... Minder

Rendered Ideas

question like string palindrome,no is multiple of 5 or 7,* pattern program, two rectangle collide with each other or not,prime no, program on static keyword,inheritance,constructor

3 antwoorden

Yes you need to write all the program

OK thanks.whats the program we need to write on static keyword ?

Do we need to write all the programs? Are they really hiring?

Axis Entertainment

How much time you can work ??

2 antwoorden

8-9 hours



How to determine which button offers which drink from a vending machine, knowing that all the labels are mixed.

2 antwoorden

The first thing that came to mind was Bubble Sort, but other (and more efficient) sorting methods should work too. Minder

First the questioned was not defined very well by the interviewer, second the way how the problem was declared did not cover all the possible cases! Minder

Arth I-Soft

Are you comfortable signing our two year contract?

2 antwoorden

I asked for a time period of two days and declined the job offer afterwards.

Yes, i will

Axis Entertainment

We give incentives if you work more then our expectations, will you work extra ?

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I asked to schedule a telephonic or Face 2 Face Interview but it was not conducted because company thought my current salary is also very high(even there are companies who are willing to offer a hike more than 50%). I independently developed and uploaded 3 titles while I was in my college 3rd Year. CSE My game developed in 7 days collected a revenue of 5K $ only in Android App Store.. (Before I completed my graduation) ? And they expect you to work in 0% hike. They even consider your current salary higher.

2 antwoorden

My Profile speaks the love and addiction for Games. And no person will be able to survive in Mumbai working for a company without money. If he is developing games and competing in the App market without money, he would rather develop them for himself and compete as an Indie Developer. :) Being hired and delivering your best to a Company is the reason for which he is paid and money is the obvious reason for which he is doing the Job. :) Minder

We have been in this business for 16 years and understand market salaries, hikes and incentives. Its more probable that the skills you claimed to possess did not come through in the interviews and hence we had to scale down our offer to you. Having said so, we are a very aggressive Company when it comes to Salaries. Our philosophy is to hire people who love games - not money. Minder

Super Free Games

You're given a million dollars and 10 engineers to start a business, describe your approach and how you use those resources.

2 antwoorden

With family

Figured it was a prompt to explain market knowledge, and did a sales pitch for a possible B2B company with an MVP. Was way out on my assumption, as I was abruptly interrupted half-way in - "But now you're out of money!" Fun question, 3 hours into the interview... Minder


Cite 5 new HTML5 features

1 antwoorden

Semantic tags, inbuilt form validations, new input tags introduced, localstorage, geolocation, web workers Minder

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