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Er werd een Game Tester gevraagd...12 mei 2012

Give reasons....why did a particular bug made it to a shipped title.

2 antwoorden

It can be a low or medium priority bug which doesn't affect the Gameplay, sometimes you cannot even see the bug as its behind the layer, camera is rendering and gets unnoticed but arises sometime later. Minder

1. Software complexity. 2. Lack of skilled testers. 3. Miscommunication btw tester and developer. 4. Changing requirements. Minder

Rockstar Games

What games do you like?

3 antwoorden

I enjoy playing open world games like gta-v,Red death 2 ect....

I really like story mode games and online like gta v and also like fps shooting, racing, andvature Minder

I enjoy all type of games but if you ask me to choose one then I'll choose car racing Minder


My fav game

3 antwoorden

I said assassins creed black flag IV

My favorite game is Assassin creed Origins

Assassin creed Origins


What if you're not able to find issues/bugs in a project we have given to you? What should be done then?

3 antwoorden

I believe that no game is bug free. You'll atleast find a couple of texture popping issues, minor clipping issues. But, it comes down to the client whether has he given us that scope to report such issues. Most of the times, the scope of the bugs play an important role as they decide whether a particular bug is considered a bug or does it have less priority. If that's the case, all those bugs of that class will be rejected. That's one of the reasons that testers can't report or won't be able to find bugs and all the major bugs are covered out. Minder

If Qa testers are not able to find bugs or error then the developers have made that game very clearly and to test whether you can find or u give but their can be at least 4 to 5 bugs Minder

May be because the development team may have not kept any margin of error for the testers to test the bugs/issues.Bugs/issues are mandatory so as to actually correct and improvise the strategy but sometimes its better to keep it simple and generate the desired outputs. Minder


Difference between first person shooter & third person shooter ?

3 antwoorden

in first-person shooter the player experiences the action through the eyes of the protagonist.and in 3rd person shooter is that in which the player can see the avatar on-screen in a third-person view.[ Minder

first person means - you it means you are the game player, 3rd person means - player on the screen which can you see full body on the your screen and player controls have on your hands...!! Minder

first person shooter means "the person playing game could see him self" third person shooter means "the person playing game will see him full body on the screen" Minder


About your favourite game..

3 antwoorden

You have to describe everything

Assassins creed black flag IV

It’s about assassins

THQ Nordic

What is your favorite game? Are there any game you would NEVER play?

3 antwoorden

If they choose to hire you they want to be able to gauge what title you are best suited for for first game to work on. It could be the difference between a shooter and game for children. Minder

My favorite game almost always involves a good story line. So something like Watch_dogs, Halo, Mass effect. The list could go on and games i would never play. Something like WWE . Minder

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What is the difference between a Game play and Game Study

2 antwoorden

Game play is practical and game study is theory

game play means experince of playing the game for fun & enjoying game game study means- study about the how game works like what is first person & 3rd person which game is 2d and which is 3d how player move which type of programing used on the game like action script c++ etc. how works enemy script and how object are colliding etc. Minder


Which is your favorite game ??

2 antwoorden

Tell them your which is your favorite game is and tell them what did you like about that game like name of main characters, main villain !!!. Which are the weapons you used ??What are the different menu options , video setting ? graphic settings?? Minder

Assassin's screed ,prince of Persia the story is my piece of cake the main guys are Prince,Dahaka,vizier,Malik,Ezio, Machiavelli.Good graphics and ui😍 Minder


Anything about what bugs you find in your childhood,or why ubisoft only , or your favourate games

2 antwoorden

Ummm bugs aree something that disturbs or interrupts between. I chosed ubisoft because im a gamer and i love games released by ubisoft like tom clancy rainbow 6 siege and i want to make this company at the top. Minder

I remember playing GTA VC a lot as my pc used to support only that game. I remember coming across a lot of bugs such as NPC's clipping through the wall, the user character's (Tommy Vercetti) facial expressions remain the same throughout the game during combat etc(except for cutscenes) & some NPC's fall in a loop where they kinda look stuck as they keep performing the same actions within 10 seconds frame. Major bug would be the in-game menu's control settings don't get updated acc to the user's input. It wasn't consistent but it was still happening. Minder

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