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LEDIC Realty Company
Er werd een General Ledger Accountant gevraagd...27 maart 2018

what was my experience

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not much, only a year outside of college.

Johnson & Johnson

What qualities are important for your future team leader: both to have and avoid having?

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Important are honesty, ability to provide feedback.

Bridgestone Americas

How much excel experience do you have?

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10 years since graduating college. My dad is a tax attorney so I’ve been doing some level of bookkeeping for 20+ years. Minder


Why would you like to work here?

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It seems an innovative Cloud Software Company, I wanted to participate in our present and build our future together! Minder

UTC Aerospace Systems

The are very much the "buzz word" company. They ask who will be your customers in this position. Of course the typical question: describe a situation that you came across that was difficult, and tell me how you handled it.

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Your customers are the other accountants that create Journal entries. Difficult situation should always be scheduling....answer, re-evaluated work load and moved more items to the left to get them done sooner, thus allowing enough time to meet deadlines. Minder


Why did you choose Accounting as a career?

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Be honest. Explain the reason to why you choose accounting as your career.


tell about General Ledger process

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Process of Bill payable, receivable , Reconciliation

Johnson & Johnson

Which challenges do you expect when you will get the job?

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Learning how to do the things from scratch and being introduced to a big team.

Maxion Wheels


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I was opened about it


Why do you want to leave the company?

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I explained my professional aspirations and the reasons I was moving out of my current employer. Minder

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