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Panda Express
Er werd een General Manager of Operations gevraagd...4 maart 2015

Why Panda?

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Panda for better growth opportunities and gain more experience in the fast food industry Minder

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

What's the worst thing that can happen? What's the best thing that can happen working with the company?

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The worst thing was losing everything and living in the woods. The best thing was making a go of the company working in harmony with the other employees and building a dream house in the woods. I built a dream house in the woods. Minder

Panda Express

What would you do if an employee was hungry and their child was hungry. They are off work and don't have any money. How do you maintain the relationship to where the employee will still trust you.

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I would let them know what the discount is 20% off food while you are off work and free if you work more than 5 hours. But because I would not want them to go hungry I would pay for their meal. Helping to maintain the relationship. Minder


How would you launch a city alone within 15 days for Uber operations

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By onboarding as many drivers as possible by the use of driver referral incentive to reach at least 10% of the city supply and let the onboarded drivers shout about the product to clients by introducing driver client referral incentive. Minder


There are six or seven DASI core values ( I don't remember them now). You could probably find the on their website though. One interviewer asked me to give an example of a time that I had exhibited each of those core values. Doesn't sound too difficult, however I was unaware of the DASI core values until that moment.

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I answered the best I could with real world examples of my previous experience. Could have been a little more prepared and should have researched / known the company's core values prior to the interview. Minder


Do you know what a hospitalist is?

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Yes, a physician that rounds in the hospital, usually a resident; which is their primary job site. Minder


Have you ever managed a project from start to finish?

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Yes, I have managed projects from start to finish. Two at another UPMC hospital.


Can you manage oversee the company?

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yes, I can

Tata Consultancy Services

Experience, Salary, Projects Role, multicultural experience

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I have 25 years of experience for the job, i’m learning on the life trip the better option for go until some goal on the travel, always with consideration to the best target, developer of ideas, database searcher, native codes certainly because the interesting From a new knowledge based of the life diversity. Minder

Why some companies fails in their business?

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It is mainly failure in using right personnel at right job.

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