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Er werd een Genetic Counselor gevraagd...9 juni 2022

Q. Cancer genetics related questions Q. Counselling related questions Q. Few inherited conditions related questions Q. Reproductive or family planning related questions

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I answered all the questions based on the evidences and from different guidelines that we practice in our profession. Minder


What is one of your strengths?

Genetics Center

What is your current salary? (which is illegal to ask in the state of California)

Genetics Center

mostly questions reviewing your personal experience and CV

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

Why are you interested in coming to St. Jude? Why are you considering leaving your current position? What makes this particular position appealing to you? What are your weaknesses?

Advocate Aurora Health

How do you handle scenarios in which you have to give patients bad news?

Genetics Center

What salary do you expect?

Elevance Health

Tell me about yourself, what experience do you have?

Emory Healthcare

Why do you want to work for Emory

Kaiser Permanente

What interests and areas of practice you enjoy most

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