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Sparta Systems
Er werd een Global Project Manager gevraagd...29 augustus 2018

Experience and achievements and challenges. Dislikes and likes People engagement and experience Working under stress

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Referred to my work history and experience Gave examples for the following Dislikes and likes People engagement and experience Working under stress Minder

The Hershey Company

Walk me through your resume

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What does product portfolio mean to you


If you have many projects going on at the same time... how do you prioritize your time?

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Novo Nordisk

Technical round, current profile, company information, overall easy

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Can you tell me more about the case study


questions about project management processes as described in PMP manual

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exactly as described in the PMP manual


All questions are "star" based and revolve around the Amazon principles.

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all questions were answered in the format required

Ingrasys Technology

Willing to travel

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Will have to permanently move out of state


After reviewing my resume they ask how soon could i start.

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I gave two weeks at my prior employer, and went to work for Therakos.

Schwarz Dienstleistungen

Warum haben Sie das studiert, was Sie studiert haben?

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Weil Informatik super viel Spaß macht.

Novo Nordisk

The HR vetting was your standard generic questions. Nothing surprising or out of the ordinary.

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