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Er werd een Global Solutions Architect gevraagd...9 september 2018

Q: How would you handle a customer that is about to drop Nutanix as a vendor?

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Idea is to ask as many clarifying questions as possible. What customer? Which subscription? Which products? Approach from "Customer First" thinking, ask customer for a debrief of concerns, try to tackle competitive statements by verifying the numbers. Minder


Q: Explain how you understand the role of Customer Success Manager?

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Asked clarification questions. Come up with a mixture of Job Description details and some creative thinking about CSM. No-one, actually, understood what CSM should do well. Minder


Q: Tell about a case where you had to convince the customer?


Q: Tell about a time when you were leading a team?


How do deal with difficult customers?


The interview looked like they already had a H1B lined up for the position. Oh well if you look at the H1b data the exact same position has been processed for H1B. The interview was just a formality. Very unprofessional interview.

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